Simple Fixes: Go from Office to Holiday Party Look

Put on some red lipstick before the party.

It’s easier than you may think to go from your normal office look to a holiday party evening look without even leaving the office.

We all know what the holiday season brings – holiday parties! Many of them will happen right after work, so you won’t always have time to go home and freshen up. So how do you turn your “office look” into your “holiday look” without bringing your kitchen sink with you? Well, you can always summon your fairy godmother and have her swing her magic wand, but in case you don’t have one, you can carry red lipstick, sparkly eyeshadow and a small perfume bottle. These all fit in your makeup bag and will give you a party look in minutes.

Red lipstick is not always appropriate for the office, but it’s a fantastic choice for the holiday party. A fresh coat of red lipstick can make you feel brand new. You should carry two lipsticks in your handbag because you never know when you have to go directly from the office to a holiday party or get-together. Lighter colors and glosses tend to be more suitable for a day look. Since lip glosses tend to have less concentration of color than lipstick, they’re an excellent choice for a professional look in the office. For a quick evening party look, remove any leftover gloss or lipstick before applying a new coat. Lip liner should be used all the way around the outer edge of your lips to give them definition and prevent your lipstick from “bleeding” onto the skin around your mouth. You’ll look like you were just tapped with a magic wand!

In my humble, expert opinion, anytime you want to use sparkly eyeshadow, you should. In the past, sparkly eyeshadows were considered more appropriate for a holiday party or evening look, but now, with so many options of shades and colors, you can wear them in the daytime too. You should always consider the lighting in which the shadow will be appreciated and make modifications accordingly. For a daytime look, choose colors like pinks or cream. For an evening holiday party look select silver, gold, dark blues or burgundies. You don’t have to remove the existing color if it’s a light one, as you can apply it directly over the light color, and voilà, you will have an instant holiday party look.

You’ll probably be doing a lot of hugging and handshaking at the holiday party, so a little perfume will help you feel more confident about being in close quarters after a long day at the office. Less is always more, so an excellent tip to keep in mind is that the closer someone has to get to you to smell your perfume, the better. Apply it on the pulse points, like behind the ears lobes and wrist, as these areas tend to get warmer and will enhance the fragrance. Also, if you’re very expressive and use your hands when speaking, give them a quick dash of perfume to get noticed as you engage in holiday mingling.

Holiday parties can sometimes overwhelm your calendar, but don’t let that take away from your glamour and appeal. To help you celebrate the best holiday season ever, make sure to keep these holiday party essentials in your bag of tricks. It only takes minutes to go from a day to evening look, and you’ll be the envy of the office party. Everyone in the office will be wondering when you had time to see a makeup artist before the festivities!

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