Herbalife ™ Cell Activator Tablets ®

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Cell Activator ® is specifically designed to supply the essential nutrients your cells need to optimize energy production. It includes more potassium magnesium aspartate than the original formula, as well as several new concentrated herbal extracts.


Herbalife ™ Cell Activator Tablets ®

Cell Activator includes select botanicals and nutrients with antioxidant activity to help/support health even in the process of aging.


Suggested Serving: Take one to three capsules three times per day for dietary supplementation.

For Maximum Results: Use this product in conjunction with other Herbalife ™ products.

For complete Cellular Nutrition ® , combine with Herbalife ™ Formula 1 ShakeHerbalife Personalized Protein Powder and Herbalife ™ Formula 2 Multivitamin Mineral & Herbal Tablets.

1 review for Herbalife ™ Cell Activator Tablets ®

  1. Wellness Trainer

    works well

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