‘I keep focused and motivated every single day’ Nile Wilson – Your Fitness Questions Answered

WOULDN’T you love to get fitness advice from a World Class Olympic Gymnast? Some relevant questions off the back of the 21 Day Challenge were posed to a Nile Wilson, to get a deeper insight into the life of an Olympic Gymnast!

Here are some of the questions people have asked Nile:

From an athlete’s point of view how do you retain your constant focus to train hard every day and how should a beginner be focussing in the initial stages of their fitness journey?

I keep focused and motivated every single day by remembering what my end goal is – competing and winning on the world stage. I would recommend a beginner to set themselves an end goal that they can work towards. This needs to be realistic but also aspirational, and then keep it in mind every single day to help motivate and inspire.

‘These workouts will hit every single muscle group’

With regards to your training; how do you incorporate HIIT workouts* into your programme?

I incorporate HIIT workouts in my training when I am heavy loading in preparations for competitions. So, it wouldn’t be immediately before competing but definitely during the period a bit further out when I need to get as fit as I possibly can so I am ready to then groove my routines.

What do you feel these types of workouts help overall from the point of view of a beginner?

I think these workouts will be amazing for beginners because they will hit every single muscle group. In my opinion, full-body/functional gymnastics training is the best for beginners to get real benefit from. They will feel soreness all over their body to begin with as new muscle groups will be used, but the pain should go away once the body has recovered.

How often should people be exercising each week to see the benefits?

In my opinion, I would be doing something active every day. That doesn’t need to be high intensity every day but just something. You will feel the benefits in lots of different ways both mentally and physically.

‘The 21-Day Challenge is aimed at getting people in good habits’

How long does it take for your body to really show the results of a fitness programme?

It depends on the intensity of your training and how strict you are with your nutrition but I am very confident you will see results within 21 days if you show some discipline around your nutrition and diet while following the programme.

Nile preparing a shake with his favourite Herbalife Nutrition products

What are the key aims of the 21 Day Challenge program? How is it designed to improve strength and what are the psychological benefits it can bring?

The 21-Day Challenge is simply aimed at getting people in good habits. It tests them mentally and physically but it isn’t designed to break people, a person of any ability can try and do it*. It is mainly for someone to get into good habits about how they physically and mentally look after themselves.

‘Herbalife Nutrition products make up a really important part of how I fuel my body’

Can you give us some examples of the kinds of exercises it involves? Are there any that you’re especially keen on or find useful in developing your routines?

It incorporates a lot the exercises I use for my body conditioning within my training. For instance, one session per week is exercises that help you do a handstand. Being able to do a handstand is fundamental within gymnastics, so these exercises will help you learn to achieve that. Gymnastics uses all the body’s muscles so the exercises involved improve your strength and fitness throughout your body.

Left – Nile making a handstand look easy. Right – Nile’s Handstand Workout

The role of ambassador with Herbalife suggests nutrition is a key contributor to your success, what kinds of fuelling do you need to use for your sport and why?

Nutrition is vital to me. I train for 3-5 hours a day, so how I fuel my body is so important. This is not just about performance but also about recovering from training and competition. I have used Herbalife Nutrition products for a few years now and they make up a really important part of how I fuel my body.

Product wise what Herbalife Nutrition products do you use daily, and how can a beginner use these to improve their overall health and fitness?

I use Rebuild Strength on a daily basis because recovery from my training is so important for me. I think the Formula 1 shakes are perfect for beginners to have as their morning breakfast as part of a varied and balanced diet, and I think they’ll see gradual changes to their body if they do this.

How do you find this brand helps you more than others you may have tried?

I’m not sure I can really compare it because Herbalife have been supporting me since I was 18 years old. I just know that the products have been brilliant for me.

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*To reduce the risk of injury, we always advise you consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

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