Q. How do I obtain a refund for my product?
. All sales are final. We issue refunds only in the following instances:

  1. You did not receive your product.

  2. You did not receive the exact product you ordered.

  3. Your product was received in significantly damaged condition.

Contact us if you require a refund for the reasons listed above. If you received your product, you may be required to return it to us before a refund is issued.

Q. How long does it take to get a refund?
Generally, refunds can take up to two weeks to process. All refunds have to be verified for authenticity, proper reasoning and proven to be refunded.

Q. I received a product different from the one I ordered.
A. Contact us at our e-mail address.

Q. My product was not in the condition as described in the listing. What do I do?
A. All of our products are in the best condition when shipped. Before our products are listed online, they go through a cursory examination and are classified accordinglyWhile we make every effort to keep our products accurate, occasionally a product may be in a lesser condition than described due to inventory handling. Products may also suffer some deterioration of condition during shipping. If you are dissatisfied with the condition of your product, contact us.

Q. When will my package arrive?
A.  The average delivery time from the time the product is shipped is 2-8 days. While this is the average delivery time, delivery can take longer in case of heavy volume or sale periods or if the logistic partners have trouble verifying your address, or other issues. Therefore please allow up to three weeks for your product to arrive. If your product has not arrived within this time, please contact us.

Q. I have a Reference/Delivery/Tracking number, but when I try to look up the delivery status of my package it is undelivered?
A. Allow 24 hours from the time of dispatch for tracking updates. Please note that we have no additional information about the status of your package once it is presented to the logistics partner.
If you are still not able to locate the package, use the 
contact us page to inform us.

Q. How do I change my shipping address?
A. You will need to login to “my account” section on the site where you placed your order to change your shipping or billing address.

If you have already placed an order and want the address changed after the order is placed and dispatched, you will need to cancel the order, update your address on the site, and then resubmit your order.
For security reasons, and to help protect you from credit card fraud, we cannot send items to addresses other than those provided to us 
at the time of order payment, and we cannot change addresses on the order after the order is placed and shipment is initiated.

Q. Is local pick-up available for products?
A. Yes, we do offer local pick-up of our products.

Q. Is local delivery available for products?
A. Yes, we offer local delivery of our products.

Q. Do you offer international shipping?
A. We do not offer international shipping.

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