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Recipes with Rachel Allen – Broad Bean Guacamole On Toast

Broad beans are an excellent source of vitamins and magnesium. A great choice for breakfast or a post workout snack, this modern take on avocado on toast will delight the taste buds and give you a nutritional boost too! Serves 6 INGREDIENTS 450g fresh or frozen broad beans 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1-2 […]

Recipes with Rachel Allen – Brown Soda Scones With Seeds

A rich source of dietary fibre and unsaturated healthy fats, the happy fusion of seeds in these scones make them wholesome and satisfying. Enjoy them for afternoon tea or warmed in the oven after an early morning run. A real treat! Makes 12 scones INGREDIENTS 225g wholemeal flour 225g plain white flour 25g sesame seeds […]

Recipes with Rachel Allen – Banana Pancakes

Makes about 10 pancakes to serve 5 people, depending on how hungry everyone is! The beauty of pancakes is you can make them as wholesome or as sweet as you like (it’s all about balance right?) This classic recipe is packed with the goodness of oats, eggs and honey whilst the Herbalife F1 Banana Cream […]

Recipes with Rachel Allen – Quick Pea and Mint Soup

Simple & delicious, this vibrant soup is great at any time of the day and is an ideal lunch choice if you’re watching your weight. You can switch the butter for coconut or olive oil if you prefer. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS • 25g butter• 5 spring onions, chopped• 1-2 garlic cloves, chopped• salt and pepper• […]

Recipes with Rachel Allen – Roast Root Vegetable salad with Rocket and Watercress

Vibrant, colourful and packed with nutritious veggies, this root vegetable salad is delicious anytime of the day. We suggest switching up the vegetables depending on what’s available seasonally to ensure a good depth of flavour. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS • 400g of diced root vegetables. 1/4”• (A mixture of pealed beetroot, carrot, parsnip, celeriac and sweet […]

Recipes with Rachel Allen – Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros is a Mexican inspired breakfast dish that is lean, light and packed with protein. Great for breakfast or lunch it is easy and cheap to prepare – the perfect choice if you’re short on time. Serves 1 INGREDIENTS • 3 eggs• 2 tablespoons milk• salt and pepper• 1 tablespoon diced tomato (seeds removed)• […]

Recipes with Rachel Allen – Seared squid with parsley, garlic and chilli oil

This light and delicious meal is perfect for lunch or dinner. The parsley, chilli, rocket and squid bring a vibrant touch to the dinner table whilst the lemon juice adds a refreshing zest to the finished recipe. You can even serve as a starter if you’re having guests over. Serves 2 as a main course […]

Recipes with Rachel Allen – Middle Eastern Style Falafel

Nutritious and bursting with classic middle eastern flavours, these healthy falafels are made with fresh herbs, spices and protein-rich chickpeas – a great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. The fresh salad adds a lovely crunchy contrasting texture. Makes 20 approximately (25g/1oz weight) Serves 4 or 5 (depending on how hungry everyone is) Serves 1 […]

What does Color have to do with it?

What does Color have to do with it?

What does Color have to do with it? The colors of fruits and vegetables are related to the families of phytonutrients that they contain. There are seven color families. A red tomato which contains the “red family” of lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, alpha and beta carotene and vitamin E.   Most supplements feature lycopene alone which is not a […]

‘Good ingredients give me good energy‘ – Exclusive interview with celebrity chef, Rachel Allen

Working on a set of recipes exclusively for Herbalife Nutrition, celebrity chef Rachel Allen invited the Herbalife team to her own home in Cork, Ireland. And although the weather was slightly grim , her warm personality  lit up the room and the mood of the whole team. Rachel is the perfect host who will go […]

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