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Kids and Breakfast: Real Life Advice

 Loading … Breakfast – a kid’s most important meal. Kids and breakfast: an uneasy alliance. Studies have been conducted with parents of children aged 6 to 12 to get an idea of how many kids usually have breakfast at home in the morning before school, and the overall results have shown that more than 70 […]

Tips to Make Home Fitness Equipment Fit Your Budget

 Loading … Work wonders with a jump rope. If you are always thinking about buying the latest piece of home fitness equipment or find yourself wasting money on equipment that you never use, stop there! You can get in shape without the latest gadget and you don’t need to spend thousands to commit to a […]

How to Care for Your Skin After Wearing a Face Mask

 Loading … Choose one that fits comfortablyand is made of breathable material. During this time, we all know the importance of wearing a mask because it helps slow down the spread of diseases and viruses. However, you might also be experiencing some irritation around the areas where you wear the mask. For many of us, […]

Why Do We Need to Put on Sunscreen? 4 Basic Rules and How to Use It

 Loading … Protect your skin from the sun every day. Even the most sunscreen-savvy people are prone to making mistakes when it comes to protecting their skin. You’re in a hurry, not paying attention or perhaps just don’t realize the importance of protecting every inch of your exposed skin from the damaging UVA and UVB […]

Simple Guide to SPF, UVA, UVB

 Loading … Seek shade for the hottest hours of the day. Pursuing the perfect tan might seem like a great idea when we are in our twenties, but as we get older, the perfect tan and unprotected sun exposure can take a toll on our skin. We must learn how to take care of it […]

Stay Hydrated to Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Always start exercise in a well-hydrated state Athletes need a healthy, balanced diet to perform at their best, but nothing is more important than staying well-hydrated.  Athletes who are searching for ways to gain a competitive edge often don’t pay enough attention to this simple fact: fluids are one of the best performance enhancers around. […]

The 4-6: 4 Exercises For Six Pack Abs

Get your heart rate up while attacking the abs. If you want the core of your workout to be about, well, your core, let’s look at a few tips and exercises to build a foundation of knowledge for your ab workouts. First off, all humans are born with six-pack abs. If you say you don’t […]

Look good while you work out!

The purpose of the gym is to work on our own personal goals. Whether it is to lose weight or de-stress after a long day of work, the gym is a sanctuary for many. But do you feel confident in the gym?  Because looking good while you are working out, can help you crank out […]


You may have seen #MakeupFreeMondays popping up within your Instagram feed. Fresh faced women across the world embracing their natural beauty.  However we understand it can be quite intimidating to walk into the office make up free, especially if you have had a restless sleep the night before. However we have three suggestions to help […]

7 Tips to Look Your Best at Work

You spend so much time working. Isn’t it worth the effort to look your best? Looking and feeling great will boost your confidence and perhaps your productivity, too. Today, it’s pretty easy to point out a lawyer, banker, barista or digital artist based on how they’re dressed. Some co-workers are focused on being on trend […]

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